Monthly Archives: August 2016



As soon as I get to Tenerife I am once again aware of my deep ignorance. If in the Peninsula I could feel satisfied with my scanty knowledge of trees, shrubs and some other grass, once I set foot on the largest of the Canary Islands, I was overcome with tremendous restlessness. I drive on the highway, beyond the windshield I search for Teide, which during the whole trip will be hidden behind what they call the sea of clouds.

My anguish begins in the vegetation of the ditches, climbs by vertiginous slopes, extends through the crops to the sea and ends up scattered in the first streets of Puerto de la Cruz, in the trees and hedges of avenues, urbanization’s, in the gardens Of the same hotel. Except for the colored spots of the bougainvillea and the solitary flowers of some hibiscus, I recognize almost nothing of what I see.

I am surrounded by all kinds of plants, all sizes, shapes and colors; Plants beautiful, exotic, exuberant and almost completely unknown. I did not think the change was going to be so brutal. If I am only in the Canaries, in that little square we see always in a corner of the map of time. I have to make the effort to remember that I am very far from home, in another climate, in another world, just in front of Africa.